Wearing Wigs Would Never Lead To Hair Loss(2022 Newest Research)

Wearing a wig leads to hair loss?

Recently, there are many girls asking will wear a wig leads to hair loss? First, we need to find out the cause of hair loss. 

There are many reasons for hair loss: Genetic factors, age, immune abnormalities, mental stress or stress, endocrine disorders, taking certain drugs, autoimmune and other factors may lead to hair loss.

Other causes of hair loss:

1. Bad Habits

Smoking and drinking may seem mundane, but they are the leading causes of hair loss. In addition, often staying up late, long hours on the computer, out-of-the-bar entertainment, etc., will also speed up your aging, and let hair loss find you.

get rid of these bad habbit

2. Malnutrition

In life, in order to lose weight, many people will avoid eating. If they don't eat this or that, over time, they will suffer from nutritional deficiencies, and their diet is not balanced, the ultimate result of malnutrition is hair loss.


3. Hair loss due to improper care

There are some people in life, who do not know how to properly care for hair, after frequent use of the wrong care methods, hair often lacks nutrition and hair loss, such as washing hair with overheated water, with irritating or alkaline excessive shampoo and so on, these small details if not pay attention to, in the long run, will also let the hair“Vitality”, hair loss.

do not comb your hair rushly

From the above reason for hair loss, we can know that wearing a wig is not the reason for hair loss, but wearing a wig is also some precautions, so it will not lead to accelerated hair loss.

Hair loss can also be caused by wearing a wig that pulls on the scalp, overall, the above, if the weather is hot, wearing a wig is not breathable, causing some problems in the scalp, may accelerate hair loss, If you have to wear a wig, you must choose a good breathability, For example, a 13x4 lace front wig and a 13x6 lace front wig

Take good care of your wigs

In fact, wigs are also like cars, but also to good maintenance, good maintenance, you can let the wigs have a longer life, and a better sense of wearing comfort.

Choose a wig that breathes well

Choose the wig with good air permeability, reduce the influence of the wig on the scalp and hair follicle, and ensure scalp long normal air circulation. So when choosing a wig in the beginning, you should choose a good one, such as a biological scalp wig.

How to prevent hair loss?

Let's talk about some easy fixes to prevent hair shedding and thinning hair and dealing with it.
Tips #1
The basics you want to make sure that you are maintaining a healthy balanced diet, friendly to your hair so that means lots of vitamins, lots of proteins, or zinc-iron B12. You are stocking your fridge with fish, leafy greens, and nuts things. 
Have a heathy balanced-diet
Then you should be good to go animal proteins carry a lot of B12 and iron. So if you are vegan or vegetarian. You want to make sure you are getting those nutrients from other sources. 
Tips #2
And of course, aside from the diet, making sure that you are always hydrated is super key. So this is hard for you if you are super busy or you forget or you just don't like the taste of water. Make it easier on yourself by adding some fruit or cucumbers to your water. 
drink enough water everyday
Make it fun, make it like a game or a challenge, or set some reminders on your phone so that you are constantly drinking water throughout the day. Staying hydrated is super important for maintaining healthy thick hair.
Tips #3
Next, let's talk about stress. Because stress is so major and someone must deal with it. Spend some time on yourself, you need to sort of de-stress relax meditate. I like reading books, taking regular walks just getting outside of it for even just a few minutes. 
Taking a bath or getting a massage will definitely help with your hair. Speaking of massage, a great thing that you can do to help stimulate more hair growth and thicker hair is to give yourself a nice scalp massage. 
 have a nice scalp massage
So this is where you are going to take your fingertips and just really gently in circles. This is going to add some circulation and draw a sort of blood flow into your head and scalp. And in turn, stimulate that hair growth. You can elevate this by adding a little bit of castor oil, which is really well known to stimulate hair growth and keep it super healthy and soft.
We also recommend lavender essential oil, Cypress or carrot seed, or even coconut oil, all of these are really great. They have regenerative ingredients to help stimulate that hair growth if you can get yourself a gentle scalp massage before bed.
Tips #4
Let's talk styling. So first up you want to make sure that you are brushing your hair the right way. This is the time where you are probably seeing most of your shedding happening your hairbrush, is just full of strands of hair. So you want to make sure that you are not over-brushing because it causes a lot of friction and it just causes lots of pulling and your hair will fall out more. 
So if you can keep the brushing as minimal as possible, and when you do brush your hair you need to make sure that you are using the right type of brush. It's better to use a wide-tooth comb rather than really closely tight plastic bristles. Never start up at the root and just drag the brush down that's really harsh and just pulls your hair and it will cause more shedding. 
 use paddle comb or wide-tooth comb
Tips #5
We also suggest that always brush your hair before you shower. Because again in the shower, this is another time where you will see a lot of shutting happening during and after the shower. So brush your hair before your hair gets wet, this will definitely help minimize the amount of shedding that happens during and after the shower. 
Tips #6
The time of day that you shower also can affect your hair loss or hair shedding issue. So we recommend that washing your hair in the morning instead of that night before bed. Because sleeping with damp wet hair and soggy follicles can be really damaging. This causes a lot more friction on your hair and your pillowcase and makes your hair more prone to breakage and damage more falling out.
Tip #7
Taking really hot showers is also a no-no for hair health because how water and steam are really dehydrating on your hair. Locks and dehydration cause more brittle strands that will break. Turn that water down to medium when you are taking a shower, and when you are washing out your conditioner, turn it down to cold like really cold. Cold water is great for extra shiny hair.
 use cold water to wash your hair
Tip #8
There are some extra precautions and you can take care also to deal with hair shedding or hair loss. Make sure that you are using the right type of towel to dry your hair. That could be a microfiber towel rather than using a regular towel because they have such big harsh rough fibers in the regular towels. It causes a lot of friction.
do not use regular towels to dry your hair

*Useful advice from Dr. Alexis Stephens



Can wigs cause traction alopecia?

traction alopecia on your edge

In recent years, traction alopecia has become more common due to the pursuit of fashion and hairstyles. Traction alopecia, that is, hair loss caused by external pulling, is generally due to some special hairstyle caused by the break or loss of hair, such as a high ponytail, split, Braids, and so on. 
do not make your braids so tight
If your hair is tied too tightly, it will tighten your hair and scalp, causing permanent damage to the hair follicles and leading to hair loss. Causes the hair root to be in the tense condition for a long time, the damage hair root, and can slow down the head blood circulation, affecting the hair growth.
Now we know that traction alopecia is caused by external pulling and tight braids. That's not the problem with wigs. So don't make your braids so tight before wearing a wig.

What should we do when traction alopecia happens?

A survey of 2,000 South Africans by the University of Cape Town found that one in seven female students and one in three women had traction hair loss. And the reason is mainly because of their“Braid hair” on the hair long-term, high-intensity pull.
And straightening can also lead to traction alopecia. One in five underage women who had their hair straightened with medication had alopecia, while none of the women surveyed had any treatment, the rate of hair loss is only one in twenty.
1. To prevent and improve traction alopecia, it is necessary to start with hair and hair care.
We suggest that women who like to tie their hair in a ponytail should not tie their hair too tightly. When you sleep, you should spread their hair or tie it loosely to avoid continuous tension on your scalp, causing the forehead hair to fall off, the hairline to shift, and so on.
make sure you loosen your braids everyday
2. Don't keep the same hairstyle for a long time, always change the hairstyle and hair sutures, which can reduce the tension on the same part of the hair, to avoid damage to the hair and scalp.
3. Reduce the use of hair straightener, curling iron, and other hair care tools, to avoid the use of the process of hair-pulling and injury.
4. The scalp area of early traction alopecia has a lot of telogen hair, which can be improved by timely conditioning to restore bushy hair.

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