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Don't do these 6 things with your curly wig

1. The first mistake I see a lot of you guys making is brushing your hair when it's dry. Brushing your curly hair dry is the worst thing you can ever do. First of all, it causes breakage within your hair. And it also just makes your hair a lot more poofy, and just makes it look very damaged. 
Your hair should either be sopping wet or between 70 and 80 percent moist. Firstly because curly hair is the most manageable when it is wet or moist it's easier to brush through easy to manage and just easier to style. That will make your curly hair experience way easier.
2.  The second mistake is brushing your hair or detangling your hair from top to bottom. Firstly because you're going to be ripping out so many strands of hair from the root to where you're going to thin out your wig, and you're just messing up your texture overall. And that also does not serve good curl definition starts from the ends of your hair to get a good curl definition flow going. 
So your best bet is to work your way from the bottom and work your way up. You're going to eventually get those tangles out. The process of going from bottom to top just makes it a lot easier and a lot more gentle on your hair.
3. The third curly hair mistake is not washing or co-washing your hair before you install it or define it. For the first time washing your curly hair should be the first thing that you do in any type of initial install. 
4. Only finger combing and finger styling. it's important to use a paddle brush. There's no comb and no wide-toothed comb if you want a good curl definition you need a good paddle brush. 
A paddle brush is gonna be your best friend when it comes to curly hair. It just does everything you need and a paddle brush helps you define your hair no matter what you can define your hair off.
5. Use just water on your curly hair. When you want to define and keep your curly hair defined it's just inevitable you are going to need products. We do think our product is necessary to successfully show off the true texture of any unit. 
We believe that you should have some type of product some type of curling agent some type of leave-in conditioner curling cream gel. If you guys have any other suggestions for curly hair products that help with defining curly hair leave that in the comment section.
6. Throwing your hair into a bonnet, yes a bonnet is necessary but throwing your hair in a bonnet is not the right way. There is definitely a way to preserve and tie up your curly hair to have a good night's rest, and it's not just bunching your hair and putting it in a bonnet. it's going to cause the hair to tangle up and matte up because you are rolling you are tossing and you are turning and your hair gonna wind around and tend to try to come together, which is gonna make it harder for you in the morning to detangle and style your hair before you leave or do whatever you gotta do in your day.
Here is a secret to preserve your curly hair at night, put your hair either in two pigtails or in four section ponytails and twist them down or you can plat braid them down, and then it's when you can throw them into your bonnet. That will save you time on your styling and also your detangling time in the morning.
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Wig care in every day

1. If you wear a wig every day, don't throw it away when you take it off. Put It on a stand-holder.
2. If you do not wear a wig for a period of time or do not wear it, you should put it away, it is best not to expose it to the air, it is easy to dust or clutter, so you should put it away where you used to keep it or put it in a plastic bag.
3. If often wear a wig, it is recommended to wash it once a week, and when washing, pay special attention to the wig can not be washed with hot water, will damage the quality of the wig, and can not soak in water for a long time, after cleaning, air dry naturally in the ventilation place.
4. Usually take off the wig should use that kind of sparse comb gently straighten the wig, and clean up the dust. Choose a wide-tooth comb, is to prevent the hair from easily breaking dense comb, you can also use a wig-specific comb.
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3 steps to use hair conditioner correctly

The role of the conditioner:
1. Shampoos use anionic and nonionic Surfactants as the main ingredients to provide decontamination and foaming. And the main ingredient in conditioner is cationic Surfactant. 
2. At the same time, a hair conditioner can also provide some of the most basic nutrients to the hair, keep hair soft, shiny, easy to care for, reduce static electricity, to some extent can repair hair quality.
3. Conditioner is generally weak acid, can neutralize the alkalinity of shampoo and can let the hair maintain weak acid better state.
Proper use of conditioner:
1. Before using the conditioner, use a wide comb to comb the hair wig gently.
2. Then put the wig into warm water (20 degrees or so is better, do not exceed 25 degrees) and soak it for about 5-10 minutes. High water temperature will easily damage the original hair curvature and shape, leading to hair loss, and reducing the life of the wig.
Three steps for proper use of conditioner
1. Apply conditioner evenly on the wig, leave for about 3-5 minutes, then wash thoroughly with clean water. Because of the lack of physiological supply of hair nutrients, so easily damaged hair, water loss, hair dry, lack of elasticity, and easily irritable. So, when cleaning and combing the wig, avoid tangles, pulling off hair, and damaging the wig. You can use conditioner to soften the hair, make the wig easy to comb and avoid knots. However, to play the hair care effect, after washing still need to use the hair conditioner.
2. Then add the right amount of shampoo in the water, to press the way to clean, (note: Hand Wash), do not use the washing machine; do not scrub the wig.
3. Finally, after rinsing, gently dry the wig with a soft dry towel and apply a little hair cream to the wig.
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Points to note:
1. When using conditioner, do not put the conditioner and shampoo together directly use, so the conditioner does not have any effect, and will damage the hair. 
2. It is best not to leave any conditioner residue on the wig because the chemicals in the conditioner will damage the hair when it comes into contact with air.

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