Need To Wash Your Wig & Bundles Before Installing It?

After we received the wig, it somehow has a slight smell, not that bad, but we want to make it smell like our own hair. So we definitely need to wash our wig before installing it. So how to clean it for the first time, please read on.

How to wash a front wig before installing it?

First going to start with lukewarm water, not too hot, not too cold. It's better to rinse the surface so that you don't get dirty stuff going into the water. You don't need shampoo. All you need is a conditioner.
                                  choose one conditioner as you like
Let the water fold the sink and just take the conditioner and pump it. Put the conditioner in the water and make sure everything is smooth. Rub it on your hand and you can see the water is a little white because of the conditioner.
Now it's time to put the wig in the water. Please do not do any rubbing. Just soak it in the water, and take more conditioner. Rub the conditioner onto the hair and just rub it down from top to end.
                        put your wig in the water
Make sure you wash the front part very nicely. Push all the hair backward because that is what we are going for. You don't need to rub it like washing a cloth. You just need to soak it and if you are going to rub it, you need to do it gently.
You can see the conditioner has a really nice smell so it's going to really help that. If you want it, you can take more conditioner in the hair. At this time we are going to add a little bit of oil to it, just a little. 
Oil will make your hair more smooth, rub it on your thumb just a little bit. Now allow the oil and the conditioner to soak in the water for at least 5-10 minutes. And if you want, you can add a little bit of shampoo. 
         leave it for 5-10 minutes
When the hair is clean, it also prevents your hair from getting dirty. Now just going to rinse the wig. Take your hand and finger comb the hair. It's okay that has small shedding. Use the same lukewarm water to raise it.
When we were done washing the hair, it's smelling really nice because of the conditioner. Now, going to find somewhere to hang the hair or put it on a wig-holder. You are going to dry it on its own, you don't need to blow dry it.

How to wash your bundles before sewing in?

Now we are going to talk about how to wash and prepare our bundles before we do our installs.
We are going to be using the Olive oil creamy aloe shampoo. Of cause, you can use anyone you are favored at. But this kind of shampoo smells so good and it always makes our hair feel so soft. So just going to put this into the bundles, and stroke the hair in a downward position.
When you are washing bundles, we don't recommend mashing the hair up like into a ball. When you are washing it because it honestly creates a lot of naps in the hair and then you end up pulling out more hair when you comb it.
                    put some shampoo to wash your bundles
Just doing like long strokes, and fingering your hands through the hair and not necessarily mashing it all together. If you want, you can wash your bundles twice with shampoo. It feels like it gets the smell of the bundles out more sometimes when you get your bundles in the package. So we definitely recommend washing them twice just to make sure you get all of that out. Remember to rinse out the bubble of shampoo.
                 rinse out the bubble
Then after we did shampooing the hair, we are going to go in with some olive oil replenishing conditioner that's infused with sweet orange oil.
Take your comb and come through the hair and make sure that you have all the knots out if there are any. Just make sure to comb all the way through the hair and work that conditioner through it. 
It's better to place the hair on a towel in like a bunched-up position. You'd better bunch it up all on top of each other, it helps keep the curl pattern while the hair is resting on the towel.
                   put your bundle on the towel
After that, just move on to the next bundle, just do the very same thing. Clean up your area before you move on to the next step.
Now use your large-size bowl and fill that with a little bit of your olive oil conditioner, you don't have to put too much, just about 10 to12 drops or so. But you can honestly use as much as you want.
                     drop some conditioner as you like
So after that fill the bowl with hot water mix that around and mix all the conditioner in and then add each bundle in there at a time.
Next, take your bowl to the microwave and heat it up for about two minutes long. When the two minutes is up on the microwave, you are just going to want to check the hair and make sure everything is okay. Then leave the hair to sit in the microwave for another 15 to 20 minutes.
Bring your bowl back over to the sink and go to drain out all the water that we have left in there. And then going to rinse off each bundle and place them back on the towel after. Rinse out the conditioner.
Now just take each bundle and cut the rubber band from around each one and then start to pull the bundle apart separating the hair and this won't knot the hair at all. Take that bundle and you are gonna fold it about two or three times and then lay it down on the top.
                  unfold the bundles and lay them down
After you are finished laying the hair out, you are officially done, and as you can see the hair still looks really shiny and soft and ready for your install!

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