Idoli New Trends: Skunk Stripe Wig

What is skunk stripe wig?

Skunk strip wig inspired by skunk. Skunk is an animal with a bright black head and a narrow white stripe between the eyes; two broad white stripes begin at the nape of the neck and extend back to the base of the tail.


A part of the hair dyed in a different color is called a skunk stripe hair.


How to dyed a skunk stripe hair by yourself?

1. Prepare developer, bleaching and dyeing materials.
2. Comb out the part of your hair you want to dye. Usually dye the hair of our foreheads. And comb your hair until it's not knotted. If you're going for a lighter color, you need to bleach your hair first. Mix the developer with bleach, that may also do less damage to your hair. Then use a brush to apply the mixed bleach from the ends of the hair to the roots. Cover bleached hair with aluminum foil to keep it from drying out.     
3. Check your hair in 15 minutes. Wipe off a little bleach with a towel. If the hair turns blonde, the bleach is done. If your hair is still dark, apply more bleach to the hair you've scrubbed off, put on a new piece of plastic or aluminum foil, and wait a while. Check every 10-15 minutes until bleaching is complete. 
4. Wash off the bleach and rinse until the water is clean.Dry your hair with a towel. Let the hair dry naturally.
5. The next step is dyeing. From the roots of the hair, the dye should completely cover each strand of bleached hair. 
6. Comb out the dye. Again, use a tail comb from the roots to the tail, so that the dye can be more evenly attached to each hair.
7. Rub the roots of your hair with your fingers. After the hair is dyed, rub the roots of the hair with your fingers to make the dye more even.
8. Saran wrap helps with penetration. After the dye is applied, put the hair up, wrap it in plastic wrap for 30 ~ 40 minutes, then rinse the dye thoroughly. Keep the dyed hair separate from the rest of the hair. 


      Blow your hair with a hair dryer and apply some protective oil to keep it from drying out. Finally, you will get a skunk stripe hair! Of course, You can also buy a skunk stripe wig directly from the, which saves a lot of trouble and time.


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