What Is The Best Type Of Human Hair Wigs?

What types of human hair wigs are there?

A real human hair wig is further classified according to its origin: Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Mongolian hair, etc. 

The best type of human hair wigs

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When we buy a wig, the first choice is definitely a Brazilian human hair wig. But do you why Brazilian human hair become the best one? There are four advantages of Brazilian human hair:
  • Brazilian human hair is thick, straight, and well-proportioned.
The cross-section of Brazilian hair is usually close to the round, thicker, from the roots to the ends of the hair is uniform, so straight and symmetrical. European and African People's hair cross-sections are oval, relatively curly, and slender hair. 
  • Natural black color
Hair color depends on the ratio of eumelanin to melanin. Brazilians have the world's darkest hair, mostly black because eumelanin dominates (98%).
  • Strong toughness
Although European hair is more lustrous, warm colors are also more noticeable. But their hair is definitely not as resilient as Brazilian hair. Brazilian hair can be stretched a lot before it breaks, and it takes a lot of force to break it, which is called tenacity. Physically, we need a force of 1.2 N to pull the Brazilian hair, while pulling the hair of a European population requires only half the force (0.6 N). So in normal combing time, Brazilian hair is not easy to be broken.
  • Hair grows fast
The density of hair is related to its thickness. The thinner the hair, the denser it is. As a result, hair density in Brazilian is lower than in Europe but higher than in Japan and Africa. Because Brazilian hair is perpendicular to the scalp, it grows quickly, growing at 30px a month, which means it can grow at 362.5px a year.
According to statistics, the average number of hairs per square centimeter is 408 in Italy, 236 in Sudan, 238 in Japan, and 224 in Brazilian. The Brazilian have just the right medium density.

How to choose the right Brazilian human hair wig?

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In the past, women who wore wigs were aristocratic women, and they used wigs as accessories. Now, women wearing wigs are no longer a status symbol, it's just modern pop culture, people decorate their appearance by wearing wigs, changing simple hairstyles, matching different fashions, or modifying different face shapes, facial features, and body qualities, so wigs, because of their convenience, it's very popular with modern people.

Two materials of wigs

Wig materials on the market are mainly divided into two categories, respectively, synthetic wigs, and real human hair wigs. First of all, synthetic wigs are generally not realistic, and if you are not a master of cosplay, it's best not to buy them. Real human hair is the most natural, you can choose to buy it. the price is more moderate and very lifelike.

The mesh of the wigs

If you choose a wig that you often wear, be sure to pay attention to the comfort and breathability of the mesh. Try lt on when you buy it and see if it feels uncomfortable. Then pull the elastic band inside the wig to feel the tightness, it's best not to be loose or tight.

The quality of the wigs 

To find out how good hair is, burn a few strands of hair with a lighter. If it smells bad, it's inferior. or hold the top of the hairdryer on the wig for about five seconds, there will be nothing unusual about how it is real human hair, and if it is anything else it will give off an unpleasant.

The density of the wigs 

What does the percentage of wig density mean? The lower the percentage, the lower the density. You can measure the density of a wig by the percentage it shows on the package.
Medium to high-density wigs(150%-200%density) is great for gorgeous looks. The full, chunky nature of mid-to high-density wigs means they are ideal for evening or ball wear. They go well with heavy make-up and glamorous clothing.

Use different colored wigs for different occasions

When choosing a wig color, try to choose a hair color that suits your skin tone. If you wear a wig to a party, choose Burgundy 99J color, 613blonde color, ginger orange, skunk stripe color, etc.

Are human hair wigs better than synthetic ones?

As living standards have risen, so has our demand for products like wigs, which we prefer to buy a real human hair wig. 

A human wig is comfortable and well made. It doesn't feel heavy, and you can wear it every day. But synthetic wigs are made from chemicals and are not suitable for people who are allergic to them. The long service life of the human hair wig can be a very hot dye, so every day can transform different modeling to go out.

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The differences between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig

1. Appearance
Real human hair wigs with good hair look no different from our own hair and are naturally reflective under the light.

From the appearance, the synthetic wig is obviously much stiffer. Under the light source, the synthetic wig will be very reflective, it is obvious that there is a feeling of plastic.

2. Feeling

Real human hair wigs feel smooth, elastic, and even have a sense of moisture.

The synthetic wig feels a little hard, very dry, there is no flexibility, and there will be a sense of astringency.

3. Quality

Real human hair wigs are hair quality, hair quality is good, and bad hair wig is completely different. Hair texture like raw hair is very good, and smooth. Usually wear when will not knot, rash, very easy to care.

The synthetic wig itself is not hair, so there is no hair quality to speak of, with a comb will be stuck in the middle, need to use some strength, and it is easy to lose hair. After wearing it a few times, your hair can become very frizzy and difficult to manage.

4. The process of mesh

Real human hair wigs in the production of intranet technology are very particular, there are many different crochet techniques. The lace front part of the double-needle Crochet area is the simulation of the human scalp area, which you can divide at will. Breathable lace is also hand-woven, soft texture, and breathable very good, very suitable for daily wear.

The inner net technology of the synthetic wigg is basically poor mechanism technology, there will be a little simulation of the scalp used to do hair seaming. Inner network material partial hard, wearing will not be very comfortable, especially the simulation of the human scalp, paste a thick layer of glue, a bit hard feeling, breathability is a little poor.

5. Method of discrimination

Cut off a strand of hair and set it on fire. Real human hair and chemical fiber hair after burning, give off the smell and the burning state is completely different.

A real human hair wig will turn to powder when it burns, rub it in your hand and it will be gone. The smell is the smell of burnt hair.

Synthetic wigs, when burned, tend to shrink into a dark mass, which is hard and smells like burnt plastic.

To make it in a nutshell: A real human hair wig is definitely better than a synthetic wig.

Is it ok to wear a Brazilian hair wig every day?

Can you wear a wig every day?  The answer to this question is yes. But there are a few things you should be aware of.
  • Definitely do not braid your hair too tight. You can make a low bun wig cap.
  • The direction of your cornrows can definitely determine the tension that is given towards your edges or your hairline and that can make it worse. It's better to have one row down do individual rows going straight back instead because then you're here on your edges or just in one group. 
        make the right direction of your cornrows
  • Don't use alcohol to remove your wig, you can learn more details from this article: Don't Use Alcohol to Remove Your Lace Wig
  • Please wash the wig one or two weeks after using it. If you don't clean your wig regularly, it will easily lead to the growth of bacteria, especially in summer, which in turn will harm the health of our scalps, such as dermatitis, eczema, itching, and hair loss, and other symptoms.
  • The permeability of the wig is very important, if the wig is not breathable without perspiration, the scalp will be very uncomfortable, but also lead to increased scalp oil secretion, leading to hair loss phenomenon and other symptoms.


    There are 5 main types of human hair wigs: Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Mongolian hair, etc. And Brazilian hair is the most popular and the best one. You need to be concerned about the material, the mesh, the quality, the density, and the color when you choose a wig. And it's better to choose a real Brazilian human hair wig instead of buying a synthetic one. We do can wear a human hair wig every day, but we need to protect our hairline, do not use stimulating glue or alcohol. And please pay attention to the cleaning of wigs.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message us, we will fix the problems with our full hearts.

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