Don't Use Alcohol to Remove Your Lace Wig

Hey beautiful people welcome to Idoli Hair. We wear a wig for almost 2 weeks, we wanna get it off. But since we use glue to install the wig, it still tight on our scalp. So how to remove our wig without painness.

So today we are coming to you with a quick how to remove your glue down frontal or wig without using rubbing alcohol. The glue it's so drying on your hairline and I thought that glue is already harsh enough and I don't want to risk you know losing any more of your edges. So please do not use alcohol! 


1. Firstly, you need a oil. Get your napkin and not even pour a lot because this is some thick-ass oil, just going to add that together.


2. Wipe your lace headline with an oily napkin, pulling the wig when you and wiping. The glue is still on my hairline. But we will clean it step by step.


3. Now pull out your wig. Then put some oil the more the better on your headline. Use a napkin to wipe away the oil. Then you add some oil again, repeat until clean.


4. Now it's time to clean the glue of your lace wig. Put your wig in a sink, clearly what really helps for us is to use a toothbrush. Wet your lace front wig, then add some regular soap on the lace part. Now use the toothbrush to brush the glue. The more soap the better that's all like the soap helps it to glide off.


5. The final step is to wash the hair wig, I think you all have read the blog about how to wash your wig. If not, you can skip to that blog.


If you follow the above steps, you can easily remove your wig. Of course if you better advice, please leave a message to us.



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