V Part Wig VS U Part Wig

We all know that the wig is divided into many categories, including 4x4 lace closure wig, 13x4 lace front wig, 13x6 lace front wig, 360 lace front wig, T part lace wig, V part wigU part wig, and so on.

And today we are going to talk about V part wig and U part wig.  

What's a V part wig?

The front of the V part wig has a V-shaped section that allows you to pull a small portion of hair out of the V shapes opening.  It's also called a thin part wig. There are some pros to buying a V part wig. First, beginner-friendly, with no glue, no sew-in. Second, if you want to transition to natural hair, you can use this hairpiece. It helps your hair grow because you can take it at night and take good care of your hair. Keep this wig in good condition for more than a year to make it look natural. Last but not least, the price is affordable, which is cheaper than a lace wig.


How to wear a V part wig

1. Visually measure the position and size of the V-shaped area of the hairpiece and place it on the top of the head for gesturing. Then, starting about 1 cm from the edge of the V-shaped area, wrap a rubber band around the inside short hair and one around the top of the head.

2. A small hairpin can be used to hold the hair in the V-shaped area so that it does not move around, affecting the wig-wearing operation at the back. Try to keep your hair as smooth as possible.

3. Place the hairpiece in a suitable position on the head and secure with a Bobby Pin from the top of the head. Grab a small piece of hair from under the wig and hold it together with a clip at an angle to the scalp. Release the hair and let it hang.

4. Put your short hair down on the sides and top of your head. Gently comb it in the same direction as the wig, cover the clip, and then comb it out.



V part wig recommend to you

1. Idoli V Part Wig Straight Hair Human Hair Glueless Wig

2. Idoli V Part Wig Body Wave Hair Glueless Wig

3. Idoli V Part Bob Wig Curly Hair Short Bob Hairstyle Wig


What's a U part wig?

The front of the U part wig has a U-shaped section that allows you to pull a small portion of hair out of the U-shaped opening.                         



U part wig recommend to you

1. Idoli U Part Human Hair Wigs Brazilian Straight Middle Part Wig

2. Idoli U Part Kinky Straight Hair Brazilian Human Hair Wig

3. Idoli U Part Natural Black Curly Hair Wig


The main differences between V part wig and U part wig

1. The difference between a V part wig and a U part wig is the size of the style.

2. For a V part wig, you can even make no hair leave out, but for a U part wig, the leave out should be more compared to that of a V part wig. Because the U part wig has a bigger u shape.



The V part wig and U part wig are simply a piece of hair, which is different from the lace wig, can expose the top of the head and a handful of their real hair, so it is relatively natural. If you want to slightly increase hair volume, you can choose a frontal or closure.

V part wig or U part wig, it's up to you to decide which one suits you better. If you want to look good and have more layers in your hair, then thin, narrow, multi-panel panels are more appropriate.

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