Tips and Precautions for Hair Coloring

People buy a wig, but they do not satisfied with only one color. So they dye their own hair at home, which is to save money and save trouble, and can enjoy the fun of DIY, but there are some attention must be clear.



1. Choose hair dyes that contain natural herbal ingredients to reduce the harmful effects of toxicity. It doesn't contain ammonia hair dye. It's mild. Plant-based hair dyes, although not durable, can help repair and maintenance of hair.

2. Do not wash or bathe your hair after dyeing to avoid chemical residue on your body.

3. To enhance the color and shine of dyed hair, use shampoo and conditioner specially designed for dyed hair.

4. Do not iron hair too quickly after dyeing, otherwise it will affect hair color, and to avoid excessive damage to hair, can consider only the root part of the new hair dye.

5. You must wear rubber gloves to dye your own hair to avoid chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

 6. For the first four weeks before you decide to dye your own hair, do a deep repair once a week to help the dye evenly coat and minimize damage to the hair.

7. Don't wash your hair the day before you dye it. Natural hair oil can protect your scalp and reduce the chance of chemical sensitivity.

8. Semi-permanent dyes should be used more than permanent dyes. 

Dyeing steps:

Step 1

Place some cotton in a linear shape around your hairline to keep the dye off your forehead.

Step 2

Put plastic gloves on both hands and follow the instructions on the package to mix the dye.

Step 3

Apply the mixture evenly throughout the hair, starting at the base.

Step 4

When all the hair has been dyed, pin the hair with a clamp to prevent the dye from dripping into the body.


Step 5

After about 10 minutes, rinse off the dye with water and you'll have your favorite hair color.

Step 6

Most hair dye kits contain a small bag of conditioner that you can use after you rinse the dye and it will make your new hair color even brighter.




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