Things You Need To Know About Headband Wig

 What is a headband wig?

Headband wig made of materials with a similar head belt. And use headbands instead of clips or other fasteners to hold it in place.  Headband wigs can come in as many styles as standard wigs, but they differ in the number of combs inserted, the softness of the headband, the ability to detach the headband, and the width of the headband.


How to apply a headband wig?

1. Braid your own hair or make a low bun with a cap. Make your hair as flat as possible. Then use a hair cap to cover all of your hair.
2. Take out the wig from the package, then you need to prepare the wig. For example, use a wide-tooth comb or even straighten it.
3. Put the headband wig in the right position, and adjust it to match your hairline. There are still some combs inside the wig, so you need to put them in and make sure to secure your headband wig. Adjust the elastic tape until you feel comfortable about it. Not too loose or too tight.
4. You can make baby hair with your own hair to make that more realistic and natural. That needs a small brush to do it and some glue to make the baby hair stick in place.
5. Use a straightener to straighten the top of the wig to make it look more smooth and then use a curling wand to make some curls as you like. 
6. The last step is to wear a headband to cover the elastic tape to make it more pretty.

How to wash a headband wig?

1. Utilize a bucket,  so you can see the color of the water,  and it helps you know how many washes you have to continue to do because you are able to see how dirty the water is.  Because it's hard to gauge the water if it's constantly going down the drain. Then, soak the hair completely. 
2. Use shampoo-rich moisture with vitamins. Apply it on your wig cap and your hair. Use your fingers to comb it gently. Rinse the bubble with clean water. If the water is still dirty, you can repeat this step again until the water is clean.
3. It's time to use a wide-tooth comb to comb the hair to make it smooth. Brush it just to take out those tangles and to make sure it's detangled. It's better to use a denim brush that's for curly hair.
4. Then use conditioner-rich moisture with vitamins. Leave the conditioner on for five minutes. If you've worn the wig a lot and it's like really dry then you should leave it longer, usually for like 10 minutes. Make sure the conditioner is rinsed clean.
5. Squeeze some of the water out with your hands. Then use a towel to absorb the moisture, preferably placing it on a stand and waiting for natural drying.

How to make a headband wig?

Tools and materials that you need
1. Needle and thread
2. Boot cap
3. Anvas head
4. A mannequin stand
5. Headband and bundles
Sew in the headband
First, use your tip into the headband onto the wig cap and start sewing. When you're sewing, you do not sew through the elastic band on the wig cap you need to sew through the nets. Do not grab the elastic band as you're sewing because that's going to shrink your cap. 
Then, start sewing your bundles onto your wig cap. Put your needle through the wefts very close to the end.  For the second one as well you want to put it through the weft and you knot it like twice and the rest you can go under the weft then you can go ahead to use your t-pin to hold the hair in place. One bundle at a time until a complete wig cover is completed.
The last step is to go ahead to attach the velcro. You can also use two types of wig combs. One with snap and one just the regular way comb. Use three of the ones with snap in the front and two regular way combs at the back to secure the wig. So you can get a DIY headband wig.
Above are the main things you need to know about headband wigs. If you wanna know more things about headband wigs, please do not hesitate to message us.

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