The Pros and Cons of a U-part Wig

The front of U-part wig has a U-shaped section that allows you to pull a small portion of hair out of the U-shapes opening. Can be designed in different sizes of U-shape. This U-shaped opening gives you the opportunity to blend your hair with the wig, exposing your scalp and creating a natural hairline. It gives you a natural stitched woven look.

The hairpiece gives you a lot of visual benefits. It frees your hair and scalp from the pressures of traditional sewing and knitting.


The pros of u-part wig

1. Flexible hairstyle: The U hairpiece allows you to have a new hairstyle in an instant, changing your hairstyle more frequently and quickly. It's perfect for anyone who wants hair extensions.

2. Hair growth: If you want to transition to natural hair, you can use this hairpiece. It helps your hair grow because you can take it at night and take good care of your hair. Keep this wig in good condition for more than a year to make it look natural.

3. Prevent hair loss: If your hairline is weak, or your hair can't stand tight-fitting braids and braids, then a U wig can be a big help. It helps prevent hair loss.


The cons of u-part wig

U wigs can only be worn for a short period of time. Besides you must take them off every day before you go to bed or take a bath.

How to wear a u-part wig

1. Visually measure the position and size of the U-shaped area of the hairpiece and place it on the top of the head for gesturing. Then, starting about 1 cm from the edge of the U-shaped area, wrap a rubber band around the inside short hair and one around the top of the head.

2. A small hairpin can be used to hold the hair in the U-shaped area so that it does not move around, affecting the wig-wearing operation at the back. Try to keep your hair as smooth as possible.

3. Place the hairpiece in a suitable position on the head and secure with a Bobby Pin from the top of the head. Grab a small piece of hair from under the wig and hold it together with a clip at an angle to the scalp. Release the hair and let it hang.

4. Put your short hair down on the sides and top of your head. Gently comb it in the same direction as the wig, cover the clip, and then comb it out.


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