Still Frustrated about Your Tangle Curly Hair Wigs?

We received a curly hair wig happily, but after repeat use for one or two weeks without washing it, somehow we got trouble in tangling, which is quite frustrating. But here is a good news: after you read this blog, you can fit it by yourself!


As you can see from the picture, the tangle curly hair wig is really bad. If you follow the following steps, even the worst knot can be worked out.


  1. Firstly, you're gonna need about six of these clips because you have to section off the hair into smaller sections, so you will work better that way.


  1. Then you're gonna needa trident comb. It have a bigger part up there and a smaller part. If you don't have one of this comb, it doesn't matter you just have to get one big comb and a small comb. Put the wig on the wig rack, now start with a wide-toothed comb at the ends of your wig and work your way up until the wig is parted. If you still can't get it out, mix conditioner and water in a spray bottle. Spray water on your hair and comb it out slowly.


  1. Do not use brute force to comb out a badly tangle wig, which can make the tangle worse and even cause the wig to break. If the wig is particularly serious, with the comb can not comb out the wig, you can use scissors to cut a small part of the hair short.


  1. Don't comb your hair immediately after you wash it.Use a towel to wipe it down to a semi-dry state, then blow your hair from top to bottom to make it more supple. Do not blow your hair in different directions with a hair dryer, hair will become messy, hair is easy to tangle again.



  1. You can rub a small amount of hair oil,so that the wig can maintain the luster. In addition to putting the wig on the wig rack, you can also put a plastic cover on the outside to avoid the adhesion of dust.


Above is a solution to the wig tangle. Hope to be able to help you, of course, if you have a better and easier way, share it with us and let us make our wigs more beautiful and longer lasting!

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