Simple Ways About Reviving Your Human Hair Wigs


1) How To Revive Your Human Hair Wig With Fabric Softener?

2) Revive Your Human Hair Wig With Silicone Mix

3) Boiling Water + Gain Method To Revive Your Human Hair Wig


How to Revive Your Human Hair Wig?

When we first got our hair wig, it was somehow a little bit frizzy and got tangling in certain parts, and it's a little dry. But we'll take care of that after washing. 
First, we are going to need a paddle brush, Tresemme smooth silk Shampoo,  the Tresemme smooth silk conditioner, and the Frieda freeze frizz ease extra strength as well as a good fabric softener.
  things you need to prepare
Second, take your paddle brush and brush the hair, please do it gently, so you don't shed or tear the hair. Remember to brush out the nape area because that's where most of the tangles are. once the hair is brushed you are going to put it aside and run some lukewarm water in the basin
Once the basin is filled up you are going to take your shampoo and put some in the water then run your fingers through so the shampoo will dissolve in the water. After that,  put the hair in the water with the shampoo mixture so it can get rid of the dirt.
Put the wig in here and you are going to leave it 30 minutes to an hour.
After that, rinse the shampoo so wash the hair regularly with shampoo. Rinsing out the shampoo again. If your hair is a bit dirty, you should wash it twice or even more. Rinse out the shampoo make sure you rinse everything out until you're satisfied.
Now try to get as much of the water off the hair. Don't twist your hair, don't bring your hair cause it's not a towel. If you want, you can run the water again and need to rinse it again to make sure it's properly rinsed.
If you are satisfied that the hair has been washed well, you can bring out the water as best as you can. Now, take the sesame smooth and silky conditioner. Drench the hair with conditioner, and rub it with your hands to ensure the hair is covered from root to end. Working with your fingers make sure that go all the way to the ends because those are the dry areas. 
Take your paddle brush and brush through the conditioner to make sure all the strands of hair are covered. And also this will help with detangling any knots and tangles that we may have missed before. 
The next step is to take the fabric softener which you are using to stay soft. Pour two cups of this so plug the base until it doesn't run out. Putting it all over the hair and putting it down if it needs more, you can use more in this case. Soak up any of the fabric softeners that got spilled into the basin.
Rub it in the hair and work it through with your fingers to make sure you get every strand of the wig. Then brush it with your petal brush, and brush the fabrics off. 
Left the hair for like two hours then rinsed it and keep rinsing it make sure you rinse all of the fabric conditioners out of your hair make sure to rinse it multiple times. And use lukewarm almost cold water because that will help with the shine of the hair. Using lukewarm or cold water after a condition will give you amazing shine.
Now it's time to use the Jone Frieda frizz ease serum, two pumps of it into your hands, and then rub it onto the hair while it's wet. This serum helps with frizz it flights frizz.
The last thing you need to do is let the hair air-dry overnight. When the hair is dry, it's sleek and smooth as you can see in the picture, you can straighten it or curl it as you like. 

Revive Your Human Hair Wig With Silicone Mix

The first step is cleaning out your lace, you need to be really consistent but also very careful with the lace. If your lace is a transparent lace for HD and transparent laces, they are thinner, so you need to make sure you're being extremely careful while you're handling them. Pulling just to get all of that gunk out.
                             silicone mix product
Here is your lovely silicone mix, this is amazing, you can get it at your local beauty supply store. Then prepare a pot of boiling water. You want to make sure you add at least a cup of silicon mix. You can eyeball it, but for technical purposes put about a cup, also don't get discouraged by the clumps of product that are inside the water. If the water is hot enough it will help break that product down and you are not going to get every single clump out. So don't get discouraged. You will be mixing for hours trying to get it out, but as long as it's a cloudy milky type of water, that means you have yourself a pretty good mix.
       35 mins left
Left the unit in the hot water for about 35 mins.
The rising process is kind of tricky because you have to make sure you do not rinse out the entire product because the silicone mix is very slippery. You don't want the silicone mix to be completely out, but you don't want to leave too much of it in. So a light rinse would be appropriate. Please do remember to use a petal brush to detangle the knots. 
The last step is to dry your hair with a towel and let it air dry naturally. Then your sleek and smooth come back again.

Boiling Water + Gain Method To Revive Your Human Hair Wig

    hot water and gain

The last method to revive your human hair wig is using boiling water + gain product. You can get the gain at Walmart. It was a little expensive but it's really good. Use the gain just to make your hair a bit softer and have it even smell better.
Prepare a bucket. The first thing you have to do is fill up your bucket with hot water. Mix the conditioner up with the hot water and a little bit of gain. Make sure before you dip the wig to just brush through it, we don't want any tangles while we're going to dip this wig unit in the water.
Then take your wig unit and really just dip it in this hot boiling water. Leaving the wig in the water for about 2 hours. Using the conditioner and the hot boiler water to just get all that stiffness out, and it's going to make it easier when it's time you clean your lace because all that glue is just going to come up.
After two hours later, you can see the lace is really white and the water is dirty like brown. Now make sure to clean off your lace. What you are going to do is grab some shampoo or some conditioner. Put them in your hands, just to be scrubbing your lace together like you are washing clothes, but be careful. Scrub the glue off with your thumb and nails. Don't rush this cleaning of the lace. Especially if you are going to be reinstalling the wig. When you leave glue residue, it dries especially after washing your wig or your frontal or your closure, it dries and it becomes white. So it's important to really take your time and scrub all that glue off. Add more conditioner to your hair if you haven't really washed it through.
Grab your rat tail comb to comb through the front of the wig your hair is very tangled. Put your wig into the hot water again if you want your wig to be softer, put some conditioner and gain again.  Rinse the hair until the water is clean.
The last step is the same, left the wig air-dry overnight. then you can straighten it or curl it as you like.
      offer heat to your hair
If you have other ways to revive our human hair wig, please leave them in the comments.

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