Nine Hair Styles With Human Hair Wig

How to make hairstyles with a lace front wig?

The advantage of a lace wig is that it doesn't have the traditional layer on the forehead, so the hairline on the front of the wig is exposed, and the mesh base is a little more breathable than a machine-woven wig.

First of all, let's put the hair net on first because the forehead of the lace wig is lace, it's more transparent, so when you wear the hair net, you have to wear it back a little bit, showing a little bit of your hairline, it'll look more natural with the wig. 

The lace front wig front will stay out of a piece of lace,  cut off the excess lace before wearing it, and cut off the edge along your own hairline. Next, put the wig directly on your head, then adjust the hairline position in front of the mirror. According to your own needs, see which position the hairline looks better, preferably in a position close to your hairline.

The lace front wig can show a hairline, But because the lace is too thin, you must wear glue, or the front of the lace will be easy to tilt up. Glue to use wig special film can also use wig special glue. Lift the front of the wig up a little bit, then apply the glue to the skin at the hairline of the forehead. After applying the glue, flip the wig down and press it down for a while.

Now it's time to do hairstyles with your lace front wig.

  • Half up top knot 
It has all the qualities of a perfect hairstyle. It's simple, fast, works for almost any length of hair, and it's stylish.  

First, make sure that all your hair is combed back. Put the top of your head in a ponytail. Once you're satisfied with the amount of hair on your head, tie it off. Make sure the ponytail is firmly anchored to the scalp, as it will be a solid foundation for your hair.

Second, begin to twist the hair into the top knot. Grab your ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Remember, this look isn't meant to be perfect. Don't worry if it's perfectly contorted, even -- just make sure all your hair is curled at the bottom of the ponytail. Then, secure the entire bun with a large tie. Wrap the headband around the curly part of the hair until it feels safe. If you have short hair, you may not be able to curl your ponytail many times. It's all right! Just make all your hair into a bun and you'll be perfect for the rest of your life.

Finally, style the rest of my hair. You can use a curling iron or a hair straightener. Add hair gel. Once your top knot is perfect and your hair is set, hold it in place. Spray on your favorite hairspray.

       lace front wig half up knot hair style


  • Half up half down style

This style is not just for long hair, it's also for short hair. You can also add bangs to the shape of your face. Leave a bang first, catch a small handful of hair on the top of the head tied up, a little bit high appears to have spirit. It's beautiful, sweet, and elegant.

      lace front wig half up half down style

  • Half crown braid
Leave 1-2 inches of hair over your right ear. Divide this into three equal parts. Weave a braid from the inside out and make sure it is tight. Finally, tighten one end with an elastic band. Repeat on the other side. 
Take a braid. Wrap it around the back of your head. The braid should be 2 inches from the back of your neck. Pin this braid on with Bobby's pin. The "crown" should be round, so don't pull the braid straight back. 
With the other braid. Pull it back in the same circular motion. Put It on the other braid. You should tuck the end of the braid under the original braid. Finally, secure it with Bobby's pin. You might want to use a few extra needles to seal the two braids together.
       half up crown braid hairstyle

How to make hairstyles with a V-part wig?

  • The first style is called a headband wig because you're basically going to wear your v-part wig just like a headband wig, and just like any headband wig. You need to make sure that your edges are nice and lay they look really good.
       headbang v-part wig
  • The next style is called cornrow. what you're basically going to do is wear your v-part wig like you normally would with a leave-out so that could be a side part or a middle part whatever you prefer.  You're going to wear your wig like you normally would with a leave-out and you're going to grab some of the hair from the v-pot wig and grab your own natural hair and create a cornrow. If you're going to do this. It's recommended that you take your time a little bit more to make it look neater because clearly. 
       v-part wig with cornrows, new style.
  • The last is two plaits style, which is very similar to the previous one but a little bit different. Make sure that you wear your v-part wig like you normally would with leave out. This time you want to make sure that it stays in the middle there's no need to go left or right just make sure you stay in the middle only because this style will only look nice with a middle part. Once your v-part wig is on you're going to create two plots in front of your hair one on the left and one on the right and you're just gonna let them hang down and just stay cute.
       v-part wig with plaits style

How to make hairstyles with a headband wig?

  • Half up and half down
From the eyebrow peak position upward toward the top of the head, draw a semicircle with the index finger of both hands, and then tied up the upper hair bundle,  clip up the hairtail first. Arrange the remaining strands and grab them up close to the original bun, again with a rubber band. Put the end of the top bun down, draw a straight line with your index finger in the center of the bun to form a hole, then turn the hair bundle through the hole, and tighten the hair bundle to adjust the tightness. Adjust the overhead, and cover the hole just now, so you can get a full half-up style.
       half up half down headband wig style
  • High ponytail
You can simply curl your hair and then cross it with two rubber bands. Bend the top of the head upside down into a ponytail, and then gently pull the top of the head and side hair fluffy, full of girlish high ponytail is complete! Before tying up a ponytail, tie up a little hair, it can let the hair on the top of the head fleecily plump up, and the side looks more like have a modeling feeling.
          headband wig high ponytail style  
  • Bun style
Start with a high ponytail. Also, if you want the bun to be cute, the key is not to wrap your hair too tightly around the comb. Divide the hair into two equal strands and tie a knot. Twist and hold the rest of your hair in place. Make sure you leave a few strands of hair out at the end so you can feel free to do so. Finally, remember to use the palm slightly to rub the hair on both sides of the forehead.
       headband wig high bun style

You can also make a low bun. It looks relatively more intellectual beauty and temperament. More importantly, it's also quite practical. It only takes a minute to build. A hairstyle that can be worn on almost any length, face shape, or occasion, except for very short hair. First, grab all your hair and put it in a low ponytail. Run the Scrunchie through your hair and place a ball near the end of your hair. Wrap all your hair in a bun. Then tie your hair up in a bun with the same rubber band. Be sure to grab some natural muss after tying up, and leave the broken hair on both cheeks to decorate the cheeks.


Today we share nine different hairstyles for 3 different kinds of human hair wigs. It's believed that there's one out there for you. If you have a favorite hairstyle but can't do it, do not hesitate to leave us a message and we'll find an easy way to make it for you. May you beauties have a nice day.

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