Glueless Install Lace Front Wig

Today I'm gonna be telling you guys probably the easiest lace installation. It's truly beginner friendly super easy super quick nothing complicated.

1. Fix your wig on the holder. Just cut the lace off following the hair line.     


2. Tie your hair up, and take a stocking cap to protect the back of your head and keep it from snagging on the inside of the wig.


3. Tighten the adjustable strap some so you can get a snug fit. Now position the wig on your head. Take a hot comb then go through especially over the top to flatten it.(only for straight hair wig) 

4. Take a flat iron and straightening the rest to make the wig looks more pretty. 

5.  That is a must to add some concealer to the part line. Blend that out with a finger.


6. Brush down some of the edges on the wig to frame your face. You also can use adhesive and tack all of it down.


That so easy to install a wig without glue, truly beginner friendly. 


FAQ about Wearing and Maintenance of Wigs

How's the hair?

100% virgin human hair. It's got great texture. You Can Count on it.

Does it slide backwards?

If you wear it properly, hold it in place, so that it won't slip back. Do not forget to put the side combs in your own hair.

How big of a head does it fit?

Our headgear is adjustable, except for special circumstances, the general people can apply, you can be assured to buy.

How is it maintained and cared for?

Wash the wig, with a wig stand to prop up the wig, to prevent wig deformation, if not often wear, with a wig care solution often to the wig spray a bit, can maintain the softness of the wig.

How often does it need to be washed?

Depending on your situation, 15 days is more appropriate.

How about the quality of the wig, the hair net after washing a few times will not deformation?

No, we have after-sales guarantee. If you have any questions, please contact our human customer service.

Can the ordinary shampoo clean the wig?

Yes, first wash with shampoo, then wash with conditioner.

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