Machine-woven Wigs or Hand-woven Wigs?

Now more and more people are using wigs, and some friends often ask such questions: Which one is better? Machine-woven wigs or hand-woven wigs?

The answer would totally be hand-woven wig. There are so many kinds of hand-woven wig. For example: body wave hair wig, straight hair wig, water wave hair wig, and so on.


We all know that the hand-woven wig is more expensive than the mechanism. In the concrete use process, how will the hand-woven wig be better than the machine-woven wig?

Advantages of hand-woven wigs

1. The roots of the hand-woven wigs are independent, one by one hooked on the inner net. Like our own hair, they grow on our heads one by one, so that they are easier to take care of. Its whole direction can be changed according to you. It will be very fluffy, and the hair style will be very three-dimensional.


2. It's very comfortable and light. All of its hair is attached to the bottom of this layer of mesh, as long as the lace is light and breathable, then the hair wig will be thin and breathable.


Disadvantages of machine-woven wigs

1. Machine-woven wigs have an extra layer of lining. Sew the hair neatly on the inside. It's less breathable than a hand-woven wig, but also heavier.

2. Plus, it's going to be hard to change the hair look, because the hairline is fixed.

To briefly conclude, hand-woven wigs will look much more realistic, with air permeability much better than machine-woven wigs. 


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