It's Not Advisable to Swim In A Wig

So the question of the day is, can we wear a wig while swimming? My friend was very fond of swimming and would go for a swim every two days or so. Moreover, she swam in a wig every time. When I first saw this question, my first thought was of course I could swim in a wig! Idoli Hair wigs are 100% real human hair, wearing a wig into the water of course no problem! But on second thought, it doesn't feel like it.


In our daily life, when we go swimming, of course, we go swimming in the swimming pool. However, the swimming pool requires a swimming cap before we can go into the water. In our daily life, we wear wigs only after we have covered our whole hair with a hairnet, if you put on a wig and then put on a swimming cap, it's really three layers inside and three layers outside. It's too much trouble.

In addition, the pool water will be added to disinfection water, this disinfection water will have an impact on the hair quality. If it is your hair that does not matter, after all, there is a nutrition supply that can grow again, but the hair quality of the wig is affected after it is irreversible. 

If you go swimming in a swimming pool, you can wear a wig, but it is not recommended because it is troublesome and bad for your hair.


Can we wear a wig to the beach? Of course, you can. The purpose of going to the seaside is to relax, play and take lots of beautiful pictures. Put on a nice wig and you'll be in a good mood. You Don't dive into the ocean like you do in a swimming pool (unless you go snorkeling), so if you're going to the beach, feel free to wear a wig!


Here again, the water in the swimming pool really hurts your hair. When you go swimming, whether you wear a wig or not, you should wear your swimming cap well. After you swim, you should have a good wash, and then go home and take care of it with hair oil.

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