Is It Hot to Wear A Wig In Summer?

Summer is coming, so many girls ask me that is it hot to wear a wig in summer?  Here are my answer: It depends on the thickness of the wig.


If the wig is thick, it may be like wearing a thick hat. If the wig is too thick, it will be hot and the synthetic wig will be stuffy, it's gonna be airtight and hot. So it's better to choose a human hair wigIf you choose the thin and breathable wig, it will be very suitable for summer wear, because the light wig is generally net structure, very thin, very light, will not sultry, more comfortable than wearing a hat, the wig is mainly used as a decoration to add color to the image. It is recommended that summer in the choice of wigs, try to choose some thin, breathable wig, so wear up will be a lot more comfortable, and will not feel hot.


What kind of wig breathes really well?

So when we buy wigs, we should choose hair inside the net, which can be breathable, do not go to the street vendor for cheap and buy. Permeability is poor, and the quality isn't guaranteed.

We can choose a few hair less hairstyle, like Bobo head is not bad, in addition there are ponytail and so on.


Besides, take your wig off for maintenance every night before bed.


There are many kinds of wigs. All kinds of wig products have their own hairstyle requirements. In general, pure hand-woven wigs have good air permeability, but some of them are mainly simulated, and some are mainly comfortable and breathable, if you like breathable some good, you can choose breathable net-based pure hand-made wig, wear special comfort. Can come to Idoli Hair to buy your ideal breathable wig, the effect is true, natural, comfortable breathable, not hot scalp is not easy to itch! 


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