Idoli Hair Graduation Season Sale

Some words to graduations:

When the white gardenia fragrance diffuses branches, when the wind in June blows with a hot red smell, we are happy and excited! Because of four years of hard work, we finally ushered in a garden full of fragrance!

Graduation, like a big period, from then on, we bid farewell to a period of pure youth, a period of youth frivolous years, a time full of fantasy. Every day, we will consciously or unconsciously visit the campus, look at its appearance today, and want to think about how it ushered in four years ago, we are still childish. Walking for four years seems to go back to the beginning. Suddenly feel, four years of classmates, and friends around, then expected to be kind, lovely! Under the stars of the night, each gentle as the wind.

The days before graduation, time passed like quicksand, it seems long, but every moment in the past; want to retain, a hand, limited time but quietly slip away between the fingers, graduation defense, farewell banquet. Raise your hand and say goodbye. Everything seems to be expected.

Every scene serialized into a curtain call of the film, playing our happiness and sadness, recording our youth and past, but also witnessing our friendship between classmates!

The only thing that can save our good memories is photos. We will all shine on graduation day! 

       we all beatiful at the graduation day

In order to welcome the graduation season, Idoli Hair launched the graduation season activities. 

     Idoli hair graduation season sale

Idoli hot selling products:

13x4 straight hair wig

happy graduate

13x4 curly wig

graduation curly wig

13x4 body wave wig

graduation body wave wig

13x4 highlights deep wave wig

13x4 highlights wig

Idoli new in products:

13x4 straight face-framing hairstyle

straight hair face framing layers style

13x4 skunk stripe straight hair wig

black and blonde wig

Breathable 13x4 lace front wig

13x4 lace front wig

Friendly V part wig

beginner friendly V part wig

Summer must-have bob wig

short bob wig

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