Human Hair Wig VS Synthetic Wig

Today's blog is gonna be comparing the differences between human hair wigs and synthetic hair. We know a lot of people know the differences and there are also a lot of people who don't know the differences so here to tell you all today.


Differences between human hair wig and synthetic wig

1. The first difference between a human hair and synthetic hair is that obviously, human hair is entirely more expensive than synthetic hair. Human hair can cost you anywhere from $100 to about $700 depending on what kind of hair you want it just depends on what you get. Synthetic hair the most you'll probably spend on synthetic hair is $60.

2. Synthetic hair doesn't last nearly as long as probably about only about 2 or 3 weeks. Whereas human hair can last you anywhere from one to two years. 

3. You can take the human hair wig off, get a whole other wig then come back to the first wig. You can wash and you can straighten it and then if you wanted to wash this wig again, you could wash it and it'll go back to the exact same texture. But for a synthetic wig, it's difficult to restyle. You're just gonna have to buy another wig. So why not buy a human hair wig which can be restyled easily by yourself.

4. Another difference is that you can do more things to make the human hair wig look natural to make it look like it's like growing out of your own scalp. 

5. Human hair wig is more breathable than a synthetic wig. A synthetic wig is made of man-made fiber, has poor fidelity, wears after the feeling of itching, easy and scalp reaction. 


You can choose one of them according to your own needs and interests.


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