How Long Does A Good Human Hair Wig Last?

Choose a fashionable wig, you can create a personality style, highlight the trend of temperament. It's a simple and quick way to get a new look with a wig. A better wig costs a lot of money, and a real wig, which costs a lot of money, is expected to last longer, which is what many hair loss experts say. The question is: how long can a real wig last?  Anyone interested in wigs should come and have a look.


How long does a human hair wig last?

Virgin human hair wig can maintain a long life, but also because of follow-up maintenance differences, normal maintenance to wear a good two or even three years, if part of hair loss can be repaired to continue to wear. 


What are the factors that affect the life of a human hair wig?

In fact, the life of a human wig is determined by the frequency with which we use it. A human wig can be kept for decades if it is simply set aside. But the value of a wig is in its use. Only when we use it can it show its value. But the process of using it is also the process of depreciation, the longer it's in use, the shorter it's going to be.

Of course, the quality of the real hair wig itself also accounts for a portion of the weight. The real hair wig which is made of better material and is also very good is naturally longer in use, especially the custom-made real hair wig, the use of time is the longest.


It is true that the quality of the wig itself is only a secondary effect, the larger reason still depends on whether we can use the wig properly. So for real hair wigs, if we wear it every day, then the service life of the wig is not very long.

If you want your human hair wigs to last longer, then don't wear them every day, switching between the best two wigs or even more will also prevent them from wearing too much and causing noticeable depreciation.



How to take good care of my human hair wig?

1. If the wig is often used, in general, a week or so time to clean once, depends on the degree of dirt to clean.

2. Avoid high temperature, the wig is best to use warm water cleaning (about 20 degrees, not more than 25 degrees) , the water temperature will easily damage the original curvature and hair style, it also reduces the life span of the wig.

3. Comb your hair before you wash it. If it's a frizzy wig, use your hands to smooth out any frizzy areas except the bangs and the top of your head. Don't use a comb to spoil the curl and shape.

4. Use wood comb: hair width (sparse) wood comb (anti-static) , comb wig as far as possible to use oblique side comb method, less straight comb method, and comb action to be gentle.

5. Never Wash a wig in a washing machine.

6. About hair dryer: Wash the wig, try not to use the hair dryer high temperature wind blow, lest the hair fall off, should use a soft dry towel gently absorb the excessive moisture on the wig, and then placed in the ventilation place to dry naturally, avoid sun damage to the wig. Wigs are real human hair that can be gently dried and styled with a hair dryer.

8. Air dry way: After the wig is washed, can not be rubbed back and forth with a towel, also do not wring dry, the best way is flat towel, the package press suction, natural shaking, restore the original wig free curvature and texture, put on the wig stand, slightly adjust the hair bangs or temples, restore the original style, natural drying is best.

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