How Do Beginners Wear A Wig?

We buy beautiful clothes day by day, in order to make a pretty outfit, we do need a pretty wig to build a gorgeous image. But for beginners do not know how to wear a wig. So today's article will give the answer.

How do beginners wear a wig for the first time?

Tools you need to prepare
  1. Wig cap 
  2. Wig glue
  3. Hair gel
  4. Makeup powder
  5. Wide-tooth comb
  6. Curling wand or hair straightener
Choose the most suitable color wig

Choose the hairstyle and color that suits you. Natural black color is the most suitable color for everyone. But if you wanna try a fashionable look, you can also choose a 613 blonde color wig and a skunk stripe wig.

Prepare the wig
Bleach the knots first, the knots are the place where the hair is sewn into a wig. It can make a natural look of your top. You can put some power inside the lace, which can make it more invisible and match your skin tone perfectly. 
Put your wig on the wig-holder, and take the wide-tooth comb to brush it back. Also, use a straightener to flatten the hair.

Flat your own hair
It's time to flat your own hair so that it will make your wig fit more closely to your scalp and look more natural. If your hair is short, you can slick back hair. If you have long hair, you can braid your own hair or make cornrows. If you can't do that, then you need a low bun or other styles.
Put on the wig cap
It's better to wear a wig cap because it can protect your own hair well. Wig caps are usually made of nylon or mesh materials, mesh is the cooler and more comfortable one.
Use a wig cap to cover your hair. Then you need to use some gel or glue to keep the cap in place. Next is to cut the extra part off to just your own hairline.
If the color of the cap doesn't match your skin tone, you can put some make-up powder on the cap.
Put your human hair wig on your head

After your hair and wig are ready, now it's time to put on your wig.

Adjust the position, once you get your wig on the right way, you can fix the combs and adjust the straps. Do not make it too tight or too loose. If it's too loose, the wig will fall off your wig. Too tight will make you uncomfortable all day long. 

Make your wig in place

Now it's time to glue down your wig. Put the lace part in the right place, then spray some wig gel or glue on your hairline. Lay down the lace to stick on your skin. Use a hairdryer to dry the glue so that the wig will be more secure.

Cut the extra lace
You can use your regular scissors or nail clippers more accurately, don't use blunt scissors as they can damage the lace. Please do it carefully in case you hurt yourself.
If your wig wasn't brought with babyhair, you can cut it by yourself as you like.

Make your own favorable style

You can choose the middle part, the right part, or the left part, that's all your choice. Then add some powder to make your hairline looks natural. Then use a straightener or a Curling wand to do a hair style.


Does wearing a wig prevent hair growth?

More and more people want to know more about the wig, and want to use the wig to create a beautiful image, but worry that wearing a wig would prevent hair growth. The Good news is that there is no direct relationship between hair growth and wearing a wig. The composition of the wig itself may have a y effect on the scalp or cause an allergic reaction to the scalp area, so wearing a wig should be made of good material, of good quality and secure, and should also pay attention to the wearing method, do not spend too much time in a day, lest cause adverse reaction. So when we choose a wig, we must choose a good permeability. Idoli Hair is always your good choice.


What is the easiest wig to wear?

If a lace wig is difficult for you to wear, we recommend you to buy a V part wig or a U part wig, which is no gel, no glue install, and is beginners friendly. And no leave out. Easy to wear by yourself. Show your own natural hairline, looks very natural and realistic.


May this article give you some help. If you have another question, please do not hesitate to message us, we will fix the problem with all our hearts. Wearing a wig is a fashion trend, we all need to try new things. Enjoy your life with a fashionable look.

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