Headband Wig: A Nice Choice for Beginner!

There are more and more beauty girls choose hair wig to make themselves more pretty. Human hair wig which has so many kinds, texture, style. Some people choose a lace front wig, some people even choose hair weave. If you are the beginner for wearing wig, I have a nice suggestion for you: headband wig!

Headband wig is super easy to install, No glue! It use a headband to hold the wig in your head. Do no harm for your headline!    


How to install a headband wig?

1. There have combs inside the wig cap, you need to put the wig on, and then Fix the comb in your hair. Please make sure that show your babyhair out(if you have babyhair).


2. Then tie up the headband. You can adjust the tightness according to the circumference of your head.

3. Use a colorful headband as you like, to cover the origin black headband. You can also restyle the wig if you want. Below are some styles about headband wig. You can refer to it, or you can make one of your own according to your liking.

FOUR Popular Styles of Headband Wig:

1. Half up Half Down Hair Style


2. High-ball Head Hair Style


3. High Ponytail Hair Style


4. Side Ponytail Hair Style





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