FAQ after Buying a Wig

I am sure you that have bought a wig happily. But after wearing a wig, you may have some qusetions about it. Below are some FAQ after buying a wig. Hope it's useful for you. Besides, if you still have other questuons, please leave a message and let us know, we will fix your problems as soon as possible.


Q: What other tools do we need to buy a wig to extend its service life?

A: In addition to the basic wear tools hair net, we recommend the purchase of special steel comb, hair holder, wig care solution with the use, to ensure the collection and maintenance of wig quality. When you wash your hair, you can use your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Q: How do I comb my wig?

A: Short hair and straight hair can be combed with special steel teeth to avoid static electricity. You can not use a hair comb when handling the position of the curling degree. Just use your hand to comb the curling degree, because using a hair comb can easily damage the effect of the curling degree and make the hair straight.


Q: What can I do if my hair gets tangled?

A: Just cover it with a warm towel for a moment, then comb it slowly with a wig comb. When you comb it, place it on the hair rack and comb through the knot at the bottom. Press down on the roots and comb from bottom to top without pulling.

Q: Can I wear a wig to bed at night?

A: Yes, but really not recommended, sleep at night or scalp out for a breath of fresh air, not to mention wearing a wig to sleep will be lumpy, uncomfortable. It's also a waste of time to get up the next day and do your hair. 


Tips for hair care


Do not use hair dryer and other high-temperature air drying, use dry towel gently absorb the hair on the excess water and then put into the ventilation to avoid direct sun damage to the wig.


Don't comb your wig right after you wash it. Comb it when it's dry. Also, it's better to part your wig into several sections, which can reduce shedding and tangling.



If you don't wear it, put it in the original package. If you want to wear it, shake it and it will be the same again.


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