FAQ before Buying a Wig

There are more and more people favorable about wig. But for some beginners, they may have some questions about wigs before buying a wig. So here we collected some basic questions and answered them. We hope that can address your concerns. 


Q: Will it look fake? How is the quality,

A: All use imported hair, lifelike and soft, gloss and feel are very close to the real hair, and professional design team independent style design, skilled production process.

Q: Is a wig easy to wear? To make it look like a model?

A: It's no trouble when you wear it, the wig is a head cover design, you can put it on your head, if your hair is long, wear a hairnet, wrap up your real hair, then wear the wig again, everyone's head shape is different, the length of the belt will be different, face shape, body shape, temperament is different.

Q: My Head is big. Can I wear it?

A: The head cap is uniform size, in the design to take into account the size of each person's head, so there is an adjustment belt in the wig inner net, which can be adjusted according to the size of your head, after testing, all kinds of head shape can be worn, it's not going to fall off, of course not if you pull hard enough.

Q: Does the hair fall out?

A: In the beginning of the care will drop some hair, these are in the production of the woven part of the more loose, after a few times will not appear. This is not the quality of hair loss, please rest assured to wear.


If you have more questions, please leave a message to let us know. We will fix the problem as soon as possible.

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