Does your wigs always shedding?

So many times I would hear people say "oh I'm not going to use my good shampoo and conditioner for my weaves i'm going to save that for my own hair" What I want to say is that the hair of wig is also come from human hair, so they also need your good care too. 

If you have a weave or a wig that's always constantly shedding you definitely want to read this blog. 

How can I prevent shedding?

1. You have to treat it like it's growing out of your head.

2. Every night you go to sleep you have to put some moisturizer some oils and nourish it in order to help prevent some shedding and keep your hair nourished especially if you've bleached it.


3. When you sleep, use a hair cap to protect your edges and to protect your glue down.


4. Another thing that you can do to prevent shedding is you can use a fray check. Apply a little bit of this on to the lace.

5. Brush your wig every single day and wash your hair once every two weeks.



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