Does T Part Lace Wig Suitable For You?

What is a T part lace wig?

The T part lace wig has 13 inches of lace from ear to ear, and four inches long and 2 inches wide of lace to make it look like a "T" shape. The T part lace wig can only be the middle part. This wig is very similar to a standard lace front wig. However, it has less lace, so the hand-stitched part is less than a normal frontal lace wig.

There's a little bit of lace around the T part lace wig, but there's a lot of lace in the separate areas. Two combs on each side, one at the nape of the neck. If you don't like combs, you can cut them off. The back of the T part lace wig has an adjustable strap to help you adjust to the head circumference, making the wig more stable.


The advantages and drawbacks of a T part lace wig

1. Affordable: The T part lace wig is one of the most affordable types of wigs. It's much cheaper than a lace front wig, but it still looks natural.

2. Natural look: When you look at the wig cap from the inside, you'll find something we absolutely love. The T part wig has a complete anterior hairline area. Thus, this leads to a natural result similar to the more expensive lace front wig.

3. Convenient styling: You do not need to sew the bundle or buy or use any other wig parts to wear it.

4. Good quality: Affordable doesn't mean bad quality If you buy your T part wig from the Idoli Hair store, you can believe it will look good and last a long time.

The main drawback of this wig is also part of the reason it's so affordable. Because the structure of the wig cap is fixed. So, you can't change where it separates, you can only make meddle part. However, you can design the wig in a number of ways, including curling, curling, straightening, and dyeing.

     silk straight hair wig

How to install your T part lace wig?

First, make your hair slick back, if you don't like braids or crowns, you can just make a simple low bun.
Second, put some powder foundation on the lace just so that it can look much more natural and like your skin tone.
Third, cut the lace into four maybe more than four sections, making it easier to work with. Now, spray some gel to be right around my hairline, and make sure that the wig is combed so that none of the parts of the wig get crispy and like glued together basically.
Last, make sure that all of the hairline is combed back, and then wrap your elastic band around the hairline. Use a straightener or a curling iron to make the curl as you like.

         T part wig install
How to make your T part lace wig look natural?

Here are a few steps to make your T part wig looks a little bit more natural.

Step one: Baby hair
This may seem like a step that everybody may take when it comes to installing the wigs. Some people may not like baby hair. But this is definitely going to be needed if you want to help your T part wig look a lot more natural.

Step two: Define your edges
If you buy a wig from Idoli Hair, you don't need to pluck the hairline. But if your wig is without pre-plucked, you need to pluck a clear demarcation line. Clear space between the rest of your hairline and the baby hair. Just going to show a little bit more skin a little bit more of these so-called scalps.

Step three: Define your scalp
It is time to work on this scalp you are going to take your powder and place this powder in between that space that we made between the baby hair and the rest of the hair, this just kind of makes everything look like our real scalp.

      Put foundation on the lace area

Step four: Hot comb the front of your hairline
This may be something very small, but trust me it makes the work of a difference. It just gives you that lifted growing out of the scalp type look, rather than the hair just being flat and lifeless and then laying all in your face. Of course, hot comb the top of your hair flattening off your wigs that looks a lot flatter a lot more seamless, and a lot more natural.

These steps are crucial when using a T part wig because the customization is so limited with this style of unit and personality is a big part of slaying your wig.

T part lace wig VS 13x4 Lace front wig

A T part lace wig is more affordable than a frontal wig.

There is lace from the forehead to the top of your head, and there's lace from ear to ear, which is 13inch. The difference between a frontal and a T part is there's no lace on the sides. This is just literally a T. So you're going to get a natural look from the T part and you can't part it anywhere else, you just part it in the middle.

You can also put it up in ponytails or in buns with a T part wig.
For a frontal wig, you can do braids with a front wig. You can get the whole front to customize. If you want to do braids, if you want to part it anywhere you like to do different little zigzag parts and things like that frontal wigs are okay for you.

             lace front wig vs T part lace wig

How to make a half-bun with a T part wig?

Since it is a half bun, certainly can not put the hair all up. To make their own half-bun look as cute as possible nifty style, it is necessary to choose the half-bun height and bar method. If done well, it can make a person look full of personality, pure and lovely.

The easiest way to do this is to use your ears as the dividing line, dividing your hair into upper and lower parts. Then the upper part is fixed in a small ponytail at a higher position. And you're going to wind it in two tufts, you're going to hold it in place, and you're going to wind it in the direction of the top of your head. The last thing you need is a bobby pin to keep it from coming loose. Then you can get a pretty half bun style.

               .half bun hair style

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