Can You Sleep with Your Wigs?

There are more and more beautiful girls willing to wear wigs, and recently we have got a question "can I sleep with my wig?" The answer is an absolute YES. We can sleep with a wig, of course, you need to choose a good wig, not only good material but also to fit your own so that you can wear it easily, more comfortable. You can buy good quality, comfortable wigs from Idoli Hair. Idoli hair always gives you the best.

So how to sleep with our wigs?


1. Use a hair mask or hair conditioner. Just spritz through that, no need to get it wet well just a little bit of condition and some things you get these curls hair popping again. Then brush it through. Now the good thing about this is that a conditioner, and the mask, it's going to also help not just move the hair but should also help it smell good.       

2. The next thing you'll do is take your scarf and tie your hairline, they're gonna needs to be tied down out here. Make sure everything is covered.


3. Then tie your hair, like a low pony hair. Put on your nightcap, grab all of your hair tuck it in the cap. Remember to secure your nightcap in case it comes off while you're sleeping.


Tips:  It's better to take off your wigs every night in summer. We all know that it's very hot, we sweat a lot. We need to get some air in our scalps, so we might as well take it off before we go to bed at night.


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