How to purchase?

1. Go to Idoli Hair website:

2. Choose the hair you want to buy (make sure to choose the right length and quantity)

idoli hair purchase
3. If you have a PayPal account, Click “Buy with PayPal” BUTTON
if you don't, that's fine, just click "More payment Opinions"
idoli hair purchase

4. Then It will let you fill your shipping information. Ps: You also can put a code to apply coupon in the right side, when you done, click “Continue to shipping” button
idoli hair purchase
5. This page, It will show you all the information you submitted, double check, if all correct, click “Continue to payment” button
idoli hair purchase
6. This page, you need to click the "PayPal" button no matter you have a PayPal account or not, just click it.
idoli hair purchase
7. Then you will see a PayPal account log in page, like this:
idoli hair purchase
If you have a account, just log In, if you don't, jusr choose the "Pay with a Credit or Debit Cart", then move forword to next step.
8. If you choose pay with card, you will need to fill your card information, after all the information is filled, click “Pay Now” button, your order will be submitted.
9. By the way, if you don't want to sign to PayPal for a new PayPal account, just chick this button to pay easily.
idoli hair purchse
Then you need to finish the payment, you will see the purchase successful notice.